In Good Company

The Most Important Addition to Our Ambassador List is You!

Through the years hundreds of thousands of people - perhaps millions of people around the world have become World Smile Day® Ambassadors by spreading Smiley's message of goodwill and cheer and doing acts of kindness and making people smile not only on World Smile Day but through-out the year.   There are young Ambassdors and old Ambassdors, boys and girls, men and women, from all walks of life who know the importance of a smile and want to make the world a little better through their acts of kindness. 

We are pleased have hundreds of celebrities, political leaders, officials, sports figures, musicians, actors, models, scientists and others acknowledged as Offical World Smile Ambassadors.  Our list of over 1000 celebrities is too long to publish but let us assure you that you are in very good company.