Have Your World Smile Day® Ambassador Sticker Yet?

Download and print your own World Smile Day® Ambassador stickers then share them with your friends on World Smile Day®. 

It's easy to do but it may require some adult assistance, purchasing a package of sticker sheets from an office supply store, and then using MS Word, a graphics program or an online program (ie online) placing the designs correctly on the template and finally printing them.  You could also print several stickers on a shipping label and just cut-out the finished stickers.  And the easiest method is to simply print out some stickers on plain paper, cut them out and use tape on the back to adhere to clothing.  An alternative is to purchase some from one of our online stores that you can find under the WSD Suppiles link in the menu.

In the left column you will find links to download our button/sticker design.  Just click the link, save the file to a folder, and use with your program of choice.  It is designed for a 2.5" sticker template but can be resized smaller or larger as needed.