Organize Your Own Event

All it Takes is You

Doing acts of kindness and spreading smiles is something anyone can do.  All you have to do is look for the opportunity.  Whether it's helping a friend or family member, or doing something nice for a complete stranger you'll know you have  achieved your goal when you see a big smile coming back at you.  If you would like to do more and with others it usually just takes one person to have an idea and supportive friends to join in.

Organize Your Class, Business or Organization

Be a leader and organize an event in your area.  What appeals to you?  Helping others less fortunate?  Helping seniors citizens smile?  Visiting nursing homes?  Sending smile cards to pen-pals?  Organizing a public event involving local politicans and leaders?  What ever your idea may be you will be surprised how easy it is to get people involved and supporting your event.  Who doesn't like spreading smiles and making the world a better place?

And to assist you in promoting the day we have music, personal posters and stickers designs available as free downloads from this website or for purchase from our online supplies stores.  What ever you day on World Smile Day® as an individual or organization - Smile!  And let us know about your day on our facebook page.